News and Participations

News and Participations


  • September 2022
    Silvia Griselda won the CIVICA Research Postdoctoral mobility scheme to visit the Department of Economics at the London School of Economics & Political Science 

  • June 2nd, 2022
    Paola Profeta, Keyword:"Diversità" at festival Internazionale dell'Economia, Turin

  • June 14th, 2022
    Paola Profeta Participation to the Round-table organized by PWN & SDA Bocconi: La certificazione della parità di genere, Bocconi University

  • June 15th, 2022
    Paola Profeta speaker at the conference "The economics of culture and institution" Vaxholm, Stockholm

  • June 23rd, 2022
    Paola Profeta keynote speaker at Workshop in Gender and Family Economics, Cergy Paris University

  • May 10th, 2022
    "Smart-working. Work flexibility without constraints"
    Paola Profeta at the seminar at IEB, Barcelona

  • May 17th, 2022
    "Smart-working. Work flexibility without constraints"
    Paola Profeta at IHEID Graduate Institute Genève

  • May 22nd, 2022
    Paola Profeta Lectio Magistralis at Festival del Merito, Collegio Ghislieri, Pavia

  • May 23rd, 2022
    Paola Profeta Keynote speaker at EUI MWP Multidisciplinary Research Workshop

  • May 2022
    UniCredit Foundation has launched the 12th Best Paper Award on Gender Economics competition aimed at all young economists and researchers from all European countries belonging to the UniCredit perimeter.
    The prizes will be awarded to 2 outstanding papers on Gender Economics. The two best papers will receive € 2,500 gross each.
    For any further detail: 12^ Best Paper Award on Gender Economics - UniCredit (
    Applications will be accepted up to 15 May 2022. Find the competition announcement here:
  • April 2022
    “Gender Attitudes on Social Media” 
    Silvia Griselda at the Scottish Economic Society April 2022

  • April 21st and 22nd, 2022
    "Do Board Gender quotas matter?" 
    Paola Profeta at the Russel Sage College, Institute for Women's Policy Research, conference on Women Leadership @ Europe & America

  • April 15th, 2022
    Silvia Griselda on Gender Gap in Education at Broaden Your Frame Session at Bocconi






  • March 27th-29th, 2022
    It’s a man's world: culture of abuse, #MeToo and worker flows by Caroline Coly
    Monitoring Gender Gaps in an Open List System: Does Panachage Backfire on Women?
    by Giulia Savio
    Gender Attitudes and Social Media
    by Silvia Griselda
    at Alp-pop 2022 Conference
    organized by Bocconi University






  • March 4th, 2022
    What do women want in a job? Gender-biased preferences and the reservation wage gap
    Kenza Elass
    at Food For Thought, Bocconi University


  • January 28th, 2022
    Women of struggle: the role of women in the American labor movement
    Caroline Coly 
    at Labour Chair at the Paris School of Economics











  • November 22nd, 2021
    Increasing awareness on gender gap: can male scientists help?

    Giulia Savio 
    at Dondena Politics & Institution Clinic


  • November 11th-13th, 2021
    #2021APPAM — The Power of Inclusion

    Silvia Griselda (AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality)
    Presenter at Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM)







  • September 23rd, 2021
    "Gender Pension Gaps"

    Paola Profeta at Budapest Pension Seminar 2021, Hungarian State Treasury







  • May 24th, 2021
    Dondena Research Meeting — Bocconi University

    Silvia Griselda (AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality)
    presents the paper "Different Questions, Different Gender Gap: Can the Format of Questions Explain the Gender Gap in Mathematics?"


  • May 20th-21st, 2021
    Gender, Money and Finance - 1st Vienna Economic Dialogue

    Paola Profeta
    Speaket at Session 2 "How does gender diversity affect monetary policy decisions? How do central banks do in terms of gender equality? What are remaining challenges?"

    Take a look at the registration here


  • April 28th, 2021
    Gender and social pay gaps — methodological issues

    Silvia Griselda 
    (AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality)
    Presenter at Scottish Economic Society (SES) Virtual 2021. April 26-April 28 2021




  • April 15th, 2021
    Women and Leadership: the Power of Change

    With Susannah Wellford (CEO & Founder of Running Start), Alessia Mosca (Vice President and Secretary General of Italy-ASEAN) and Paola Profeta (Director of AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality, Bocconi University)