Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

Overstretched: Financial Distress and Intimate Partner Violence in the US

Olivia Masi

Gender diversity and decision-making in teams

V. Salvestrini with M. Ronchi.

  1. We study the effect of gender composition within teams in the judiciary.

  2. Team’s gender composition matters for decision-making: all-women teams are more likely to convict, while all-men’s teams are to make decisions.

  3. Team’s gender composition matters for decision-quality: mixed gender panels are more likely to make good decisions compared to same-gender panels, with the effect driven by all-men teams performing poorly.

  4. Results are not driven by specific types of crimes or by other dimensions of diversity correlated with gender.

  5. Gender composition matters only in complex decision-making, suggesting that gender-based disparities emerge primarily when cases necessitate deeper analysis and nuanced consideration.