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AXA and Università Bocconi: The Partnership

Since 2011, Bocconi and AXA have been nurturing their collaboration year after year, developing a variety of projects and initiatives.

Both Bocconi and AXA are driven by a mutual spirit of innovation that, together with the strength of the University’s human capital, represents a fundamental feature for attracting the most talented students and researchers, offering them real opportunities for the future. AXA, like Bocconi, believes in people and in progress, investing in digital innovation and environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

In 2011 AXA became one of Bocconi’s Strategic Partners, further consolidating their fruitful relationship. AXA and Bocconi have been exploring various field of collaboration focusing both on research and dissemination.

With these premises, in 2020 AXA and Bocconi strengthened their partnership and designed the AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality, an innovative research lab under the direction of Paola Profeta. This groundbreaking research project was designed to increase the awareness of gender diversity in society with the vision of promoting cultural change and spurring institutional decision-makers to take action and build an increasingly inclusive society