Lab Events

Seminar Series

Room 3-B3-SR01
"Same-Gender Peer Role Models in Education"

Rigissa Megalokonomou – University of Queensland 

Firm Sorting, Field of Study, and the Gender Earnings Gap

Seth Zimmerman - Yale SOM

Informed Choices: Gender Gaps in Career Advice

Melanie Wasserman - UCLA School of Management

Persistence of Incumbents and Female Access to Political Positions

Quentin Lippmann - University of Essex

The central role of the ask gap in gender pay inequality

Nina Roussille - London School of Economics

Women in Economics. The role of gendered advising practices at entry in the profession

Audinga Baltrunaite - Bank of Italy

Innovative Ideas and Gender Inequality

Marlene Koffi - University of Toronto

Pay transparency and the gender gap

Derek Messacar -   Social Analysis and Modelling Division-Statistics Canada

Seminar: Gender differences in reference letters

Valeria Rueda - University of Nottingham

Seminar - The Old Boys' Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap

Zoe Cullen - Harvard Business School